Monday, March 23, 2009

Time Schedule

M.O.N.A (Mothers Of Never Again)
Meetings are held
on the last Saturday of each month
From 11:30AM -3:00PM
at The United Charity Building located at
105 East 22nd Street
Corner of Park Ave. New York,N.Y. 10010 Rm 4A.
Direction: 6 train to 23rd Street
(Leaves you t the corner of building entrance)
N to 23rd. Street (Walk 2 blocks)
F to 23rd Street (Walk 3-4 blocks)
1 to 23rd. (Walk 4-5 blocks)
C,E, to 23rd Street ( Walk 4-5 blocks)
Or take the M23 to Park. Ave
Contact M.O.N.A. at
All cancellations, time changes, and updates will be displayed on this blog
prior to meeting dates when time allows
See You There!!!

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